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Social Media & Internet Marketing 2024

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To separate yourself from everybody else you need to be able to tell your story.

I am the founder and CEO of 360Logic. I wasn’t always the Business Development type, heck all my educational records show I am a technical person.  One day while I was on a deployment in IRAQ  I had to be medically evacuated which ended my deployment and soon after my career in the military ended.  After being discharged from the Wounded Warrior Program, I was excited to finally be able to go home and see my family.  Leaving the hospital, I then found out that I was also about to be newly divorced and sole parent of two amazing kids.  It came so suddenly I had no idea what happened.  I had no backup plans, no savings, nothing. 

Social Media & Internet Marketing

Since that time I have been navigating the technical waters of local, state and federal positions in training, development, design, analysis, and marketing positions.  My goal was an is to help businesses grow financially and in customer base while reducing the time they have to spend on the business.  I understand being away, but if you found a way where you could spend one less hour a day or week working so that you can spend it with your family, would you? 

While working these other positions I started finding out how people make money through technology, social media, and automation.  I have always lived my life trying to find ways to help others by improving safety, reducing resources, and improving services where others fall behind.  Now I developed a way and want to share it with you.

Social Media & Internet Marketing

Do you want the one that takes all of the guesswork out of social media publishing an ensures the right message is getting delivered on time 100% of the time?  Don’t you want to come out of that basement where your office is to spend more time with your family, because you know your taken care of?

Businesses need to drive relevant, qualified traffic to their website, phone lines, or physical location. We help you connect your brand, make the connection and help you choose the best places and media which will grow your business.

Does your business tell a story? 

That is my story, I can’t wait to help you share yours.  Contact us now to set up a free consultation.


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Social Media & Internet Marketing

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